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New Notice Automation Feature on RIAMS Libraries

5th April 2022 RIAMS

We have just released a new feature on RIAMS Libraries that allows you to prepopulate RIAMS notice templates with your organisation and officer details, including your organisation logo. Up until now, this information had to be included on each template manually.

In order to utilise this feature, one of the administrators on your account needs to ensure all organisation details are included on the ‘My Organisation’ page, crucially, the organisation address, phone number and logo. To check and update your organisation details, sign into the service at riams.org, click on the little person icon in the top banner; on the ‘My Organisation’ page, and if you have admin rights, you will be able to update the details and upload your organisation logo if you haven’t done so already.

On an individual basis, each user needs to ensure that their personal information is included on their account. To check and update your details on RIAMS, sign into the service at riams.org and then the little person icon in the top banner, in the ‘My Account’ section, you’ll see some of the basic information that has been included already on your user account. Click on ‘Edit details’ to update your existing details or add new information. Your name, job title, phone number and email address will all be populated into the notice template.

When downloading notices from the RIAMS platform, you will now have two options available to you ‘Original’ and ‘Pre-populated’. Select ‘Pre-populated’ to use the notice that includes your organisation and officer details.

Our RIAMS user guides have been updated to reflect these new changes and you can access them using the links below:

View-only user guide
Administrator user guide