RHE Global

About RHE

RHE provides products and services to the public and private sectors. Our core services support public protection, housing professionals and the public. The scope of services has now extended beyond public protection to include the housing and hospitality sectors and corporate services.

Our products are delivered through software, training/e-Learning and consulting:

1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

We design and develop products and supply software contract services to government and businesses. Our products are used in over 500 local authorities in the UK and Australia. RHE is registered as a SaaS provider on the UK government's Digital Services GCloud and is a Crown Commercial Services supplier. Our products include native smartphone apps and cloud services. RHE products include The Noise App (www.thenoiseapp.com); Reportable app (www.reportableapp.com); RIAMS Knowledge Management (www.riams.org). We have delivered contract services for the Food Standards Agency by providing the Smarter Communications Platform (www.fsa.riams.org).

2. Training and e-Learning

RHE is a specialist provider of high-quality face to face training and conferences for public protection professionals. RHE is one of the UK's largest providers of CPD training for public protection professionals and those from other sectors requiring specific skills, for example, investigation and enforcement skills and using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). To supplement our traditional classroom style service model, we are developing a portfolio of e-Learning courses and briefings; www.training.rheglobal.com.

3. Consulting

RHE delivers a wide range of consulting services with one of the UK's largest networks of public protection subject matter experts. Our services cover a wide range of disciplines and RHE is noted for expertise in private rented sector housing, private water supplies, legal enforcement and investigation skills, statutory nuisance, public health act funerals, food waste minimisation and many more; www.rheglobal.com/consulting.


RHE was founded by Robert Halford, MCIEH, CEnvH, BSc, MSc, Dip IOA, a widely respected Environmental Health professional. From 1980, Robert worked extensively in both the public and private sectors before establishing RHE in 2005. RHE has a focus on products and services that deliver a positive social impact; for example, The Noise App has not only transformed noise reporting and investigation but it has on several occasions saved vulnerable individuals (including children) from continuing violence and abuse.

How we work

RHE is focused on developing innovative solutions to support professionals and the public to deliver better public health and social outcomes. We engage with our clients to develop long-term and sustainable relationships. Our collaborative approach and excellent team environment underpin our reputation for reliability and integrity.

We sponsor research and partner with universities to support and fund research programmes to further our understanding of how data analytics and AI can be harnessed to deliver better services.

Doing our bit

To support our clients and professional colleagues, we offer free to use, expertly supervised professional communities for collaborating and sharing knowledge. Known as RIAMS Communities, this free service includes a subscription option for users to create private groups - secure online spaces for colleagues to discuss, blog and share resources.

We fund the Housing and Health Research Bulletin, a unique and international service summarising research and reports with particular relevance to the relationship between housing and health. The summaries gleaned from a wide range of sources, provide a valuable resource whether you are tackling poor housing conditions or researching and teaching about the potential health impacts.

We support the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) through funding a scholarship programme for students attending IFEH conferences and events.

RHE is also engaged in funding university research programmes to study and develop new applications for digital technology to improve public health for the public and professionals.

'RHE Global' and 'RHE' are trading names for RH Environmental Limited, a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales, Registration number 5530460. VAT number: 779242884. Registered Address: Bevan & Buckland, Langdon House, Langdon Road, SA1 Swansea Waterfront, SA1 8QY, United Kingdom.